Statements on Planning, Law, and Property Rights

Statements on Planning, Law, and Property Rights

February 10, 2021 News

ARL Video Series on International Planning

With “Statements on Planning” the ARL establishes a series of short video clips in which international scientists comment on topics of spatial development and planning.
The series starts with the International Academic Association on Planning,
Law, and Property Rights (PLPR, ), which will be presenting a series of online sessions on the relationship between planning, law, and property.
The aim of the video clips is to demonstrate to a broad public the relevance of an ongoing debate on planning, law and property for research and teaching in spatial development.

Three questions are discussed:

  • Why are planning, law and property spatial science and socially
    relevant topics?
  • What are particularly relevant aspects within the subject area?
  • And why these planning, law and property should be discussed internationally.

In the three approximately five-minute video clips, ten of the responsible session chairs of the “PLPR Online Sessions” ( from Australia, North America and
Europe address issues related to planning, law, and property. Acting PLPR President Thomas Hartmann interviewed Ben Davy (University of Johannesburg, South Africa), Andreas Hengstermann
(University of Bern, Secretary General of PLPR), Rebecca Leshinsky (RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, Vice President of the PLPR), Linda McElduff (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland), Nir Mualim (Technion, Israel
Institute of Technology, Israel), Richard K. Norton (University of Michigan, USA), Lenka Slavíková (J.E.P. Univeristy Ùstí nad Labem, Czech Republic), John Sheehan (Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia), and Ed Sullivan (Portland State University, Oregon, USA).

All of the experts are long-time members of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights, most of whom have served or are serving on the Association’s Executive Committee
have done so.

The video clips were produced in the context of the ARL’s International Working Group (IAK) on Land Policies in Europe, which was chaired by Thomas Hartmann (Wageningen University) and Andreas
Hengstermann (University of Bern).