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published on 07/10/21

With our second video for the launch of the platform, we introduce you to the heart of our site: The knowledge base.


Country Profiles

Here you will find structured (and thus to a certain extent comparable) presentations of individual countries with a special focus on the respective planning system. About 10 country profiles are available right now, more are to follow.

Compendium of Urban and Regional Development

In addition, there is an extensive English-language collection of articles on a wide range of planning topics, based on the ARL's „Handwörterbuch der Stadt- und Raumentwicklung“ (Compendium of Urban and Regional Development). These articles are linked to a comprehensive glossary, which ensures consistent use of terms.

Thematic collections

The "Thematic collections" offer a curated compilation of previous findings (based on ARL activities and publications) for selected topics. In the future, these can also be used to pick up and process new topics. Accredited users of the platform are invitited to take initiative and become curators themselves.


With our Galleries we would like to offer you the possibility to download thematically suitable images, e.g. for presentations. We only ask that indicate the author of the image other than that, the images are available for you to use.

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